About SaGES (Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society)

The surveying educators’ conferences in the USA and Canada started in 1937 at Rainy Lake, Minnesota, with Iowa State University being the first conference host. The educators’ main concerns at that time were focused on surveying instruction in civil engineering programs and the lack of a national presence for the surveying profession. Since then numerous conferences have taken place. 

SaGES was born from the surveying educators' conferences in 2009, continuing the “spirit of Rainy Lake.” The feeling was that the educators should have a formal society to help with the organization of the conference. The society would also help in increasing the conference attendance, seek for collaborations, formally represent educators in other professional organizations, and create better means for addressing the important challenges in surveying education. 



SaGES promotes the effective teaching and learning of surveying, mapping, geomatics, and other spatially related education. SaGES is a forum where academia, industry, and government work together to exchange ideas, promote common causes, and provide opportunities to improve the teaching and learning of geomatics.

Purposes include, but are not limited to:

(1) To promote best teaching and learning practices

(2) To foster an environment of education that meets industry and government needs

(3) To cooperate with other professional societies (local, state, national, and international) in support of geomatics education

(4) To represent the interests of the geomatics education community

(5) To provide a forum for the presentation and/or publication of papers in support of geomatics education

(6) To recognize individuals and organizations for service to geomatics education